No support for any sort of violence: Lord Mayor of London Peter Estlin tells India Today


The 691st Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Peter Estlin, talked only to India Today TV and touched up on many topics involving ways to expand bilateral ties between India and the UK.During the interview, Peter Estlin extended his greetings to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The assault was condemned by estlin from alleged pro-Pakistanis on Indian High Commission in London.

He added that the goal of the visit is to bring in business in the business. He spoke on the value of’ease of doing business’.Below is a detailed excerpt of this interview:Q. You might be here having a business delegation? What’s the attention and expectation of this particular visit? A. The objectives are to strengthen the objectives and partnerships between the UK and India. As the town of London, we are boosting Fintech and fiscal services more widely. We are also interested in bringing Indian companies to the UK.

Thus we are looking to market Great Britain to India as also to encourage India into Great Britain.Q. What would be the concerns which UK businesses have when they consider India? Are there concerns? A. Totally the opposite. India is a very attractive market in terms of both innovation and scale. Prime Minister Modi’s outline in terms of his objective is apparent. It’s the knowledge venture that both sides will be looking at. We are here and we have got an opportunity for British businesses with a few knowledge and also special capability to partner with businesses within India together with their scale and distribution. The same is also true to simply get a number of the capability, which invention that’s occurring in India and export which to the UK and beyond the UK to other nations. These are the opportunities.Q. Are you really prepared to your Post Brexit scenario in doing business with India? There are concerns here and India is seeking clarity.

A. I have been really focusing on”beyond Brexit” the year as the sheer quantity of creations occurring has nothing to do with this micro relationship involving the UK and Europe. What we are taking a look at over here is that the digitisation of our companies, looking at bonds that are green, environmental issues and all those opportunities that are coming out of, what I predict 21st century chances and that is that which we’re centered on.There’s definitely a shame in the context of Brexit and you wish to handle it and contain it explained but in training, the planet isn’t stopping for Brexit.Q. Which exactly are the deliverables in the industry that is fintech? A. Examples would be to continue to partner with organizations which are in the UK in order to return in India but in addition to concentrate on new companies in India who have only launched in britain. But equally, I am earning a delegation from UK businessmen to take a look at opportunities in India. An example would be Aon, and that’s an insurance carrier and tying up using some stage companies here in India to appear at the way we are able to build on some of the expertise and capability to the advantage of India.Q. Are there lots of takers for these ideas here in India? India by itself is a tech hub. Exactly what are you taking from India? A. I have been a regular visitor to India. Prices can’t happen overnight but we build about it. There is a call by the Lord Mayor This past year. When I look at the delegation which came together with him then, quite a few deals have come out of that. The delegation that I have got with me personally , we can fix deals while we are here this past week, however within the coming months, we’ll secure deals without a doubt. We’d want to cultivate that venture and in that recognise the absolute scale that India has to offer with the knowledge and expertise that we now have in britain.Q. You might be here on the day when his birthday is celebrated by Prime Minister Modi. He’s been promoting the idea of’ease of working’. Have UK organizations felt that the change? A. Wishing Prime Minister Modi a very happy birthday. His overall aim of opening up India and your decision is to develop India. So, now we’d be meeting with invest India and appearing at the partnership and you will be hearing any statements on that fairly soon, in regard to bilateral engagements with the UK. So, that is the area of opportunities, that absolute scale of innovation and we are able to tap into one another’s markets however also use that power to utilize additional markets across the globe.Q. What exactly is the take on the easing of visas in categories by the UK but more needs to be done? A. The town of London has been boosting the agenda of creating continuing usage of talent which is truly essential. Simply take the fintech industry, by way of example, 42% of their industry are citizens. So it is really essential that we’ve continued access to international talent. I applaud the government in terms of the latest announcements but likewise the consultation period that was open to enable the business to sway and set forth recommendations on how to attract skill therefore that we do create a truly open economy that’s the need for their government.Q. There have been attacks in the Indian High Commission in London by anti-India elements. What exactly are your opinions on such episodes? A. I’ve observed some of this headlines. The situation is. Violence is not a thing that anybody supports. But I am here to promote businesses and that is on how do we strengthen engagements political issues can be sorted out by the authorities the mechanism.